Want to have a fun time with your dog and meet other dog training enthusiasts from the South Bay Area, CA?

We are an open community for dog training enthusiasts and dog lovers who enjoy the art of dog training. We are based in Santa Clara, CA.

Members of K9 Training Lab use the training lab to either practice for an upcoming dog performance match or just to have a fun time with their dogs. Members can practice on various dog trainings, such as Obedience, AKC Rally, and Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

K9 Training Lab is open to all dogs, pure or mixed breed, and all training levels.

We organize free dog training sessions almost every Saturday which is open to all dogs that meet the following prerequisites:
• Dog is current on vaccinations
• Dog has previous trainings
• Dog can sit/down, come when called & heel a bit
• Dog is well socialized/not aggressive with other dogs and must be easily handled by a stranger
And handlers are willing to learn :).

For more details and membership inquiries, please visit:

K9 Training Lab